Bow Tie "Swarovski Crystals"

Bow Tie "Swarovski Crystals"
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Product Description

Freestyle, pre-tied and clip-on bow ties available in three different widths.

Japanese black, red, white or navy satin silk.

Swarovski crystals. White.

Kotty's special designs.

Hand-made in USA.

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Pre-tied style bow ties are made in two different width varieties. The neckband is adjustable from 14" - 22". Please provide neck size in order to receive the bow tie adjusted to your requirements.

This exquisite silk bow tie is meant for a special occasion. You can find this unique design only offered by Kotty Design.


Matching Pre-Fitted Pocket Square"Swarovski crystal" (custom)
Matching pre-fitted pocket square from the same fabric as the bow tie.

Swarovski crystal. White.

Please select color.
Cummerbund"Swarovski Crystals"      ( custom )
Matching cummerbund from the same fabric as the bow tie.


Please select size and color.
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